TICKETS: 20 PLN N, 15 PLN U, Subscription Forces of Nature

Schiavo-Marchegiani Piano Duet

In program:
W. A. Mozart – Sonata C-dur for piano for four hands, KV 521
J. Brahms – Hungarian Dances No. 1 – 10
F. Schubert – Variations on A French Song D.624
G. Rossini – Overture from the opera The Thieving Magpie

Full of temperament and passion pieces of music, written for the piano, perfectly match the subject of fiery inspirations in music. This type of expressive pieces of music are best interpreted in a duet, playing with four hands. In the course of a recital concert at the Wozownia Art Gallery, the audience will see the Italian duet Schiavo-Marchegiani, who will take all those present into the world of four composers and their sophisticated pieces of music, full of musical spirit.

The artists have planned to start their concert with Sonata C-dur KV 521 composed by Mozart. This piece of music, full of joyful energy, will ensure the good mood of all the audience, simultaneously making the entire recital light. The sonata chosen by the Italian duet of pianists was composed in the year 1787, and it has three parts, which, thanks to various lines and subjects, can be easily separated. However, the truth is that the real image stunningly illustrating the magic of this sonata will be enjoyed if we listen to it as the whole; the Italian artists invite us to do that very thing.

After a light and joyful opening of the concert, the artists will take us into a world written in the notes of Hungarian Dances No. 1-10 of Brahms. This pieces of music presents its entire potential only when played by four hands. Of course, to make it possible, the duet performing them must be cooperating appropriately. The synchronisation and beauty of this collaboration of Marco Schiavo and Sergo Marchegiani will certainly remain in the memory of the audience for a very long time.

The fire accompanying the collaboration of the two pianists who sit next to each other and play on the same piano will be shown as well by Variations on A French Song D.624 of Schubert. The speed of this piece of music at the first moment is associated with the profile connected with numerous celebrations, which next becomes a melody full of life. A member of the audience experiences many varied emotions spreading havoc in their heart and mind like a raging fire thanks to the notes of this piece of music.

Taming this inferno, and finally putting it out will certainly happen thanks to the opening sounds of an overture from the opera The Thieving Magpie of Rossini. The melody of this piece of music, at least in fragments, is known by each and everyone of us. Due to this fact as well, it was chosen as the final piece of music which will be presented to the adult audience of the Festival of the Forces of Nature – Power of Fire. In the course of all the festival concerts, the dominant pieces of music are such as well known to everyone, and which show the motif of fire and emotions connected with it are always present in musical consciousness. The overture to The Thieving Magpie will constitute a perfect evidence of that, and, simultaneously, will encourage to participate in the Festival of the Forces of Nature.