TICKETS: 40 PLN N, 30 PLN U, Subscription Forces of Nature

Antonio Di Cristofano – piano (Italy)
Paweł Przytocki – conductor
Toruń Symphony Orchestra

In program:
G. F. Händel – Music for the Royal Fireworks
M. Ravel – The Piano Concert G-dur
M. Cynk – Dance of Fire (world premiere)
R. Wagner – Magic Fire Music from the opera Valkyries
W. Kilar – Krzesany (Struck)

Fire has varied profiles and forms. It may conceal its dangerous profile in the form of a seemingly harmless flame of a candle; yet, it may also be an openly destructive force, which creates a new reality because of its destructiveness. Each and every of varied fires has a different melody, and emits different sounds, which will be presented to members of the audience in the course of the concert bearing the title of ‘Fiery Worlds’.

Among varied forms of fire, fireworks are highly resonant; we can experience it for ourselves at least once a year at the night of 31st December. However, can fireworks be presented with the use of musical notes interpreted by a symphonic orchestra? Georg Händel proved, in his suite Music for the Royal Fireworks, composed more than 150 years ago, that it is possible. The first performance of a piece of music in the course of a firework display in London’s Green Park, amazed the audience with instrumental glamour. The Toruń Symphonic Orchestra will certainly try to excite the audience with similar emotions.

The Piano Concert G-dur composed by Maurice Ravel is a piece of music full of life and energy. Its speed and melody resemble all carefree moments which we spend by bonfires with those dear to us, enjoying life and a given moment. It is said that the concert of Ravel is ‘twinkling’, similar to a flame of a candle. In reality, its twinkling look evokes the gust of wind, and, in the music composed by Ravel, it is achieved by the participation of an orchestra in a piano concert. Members of the audience will hear the concert performed by the illustrious Italian pianist, Antonio di Cristofano, invited by the Orchestra to collaborate in the concert.

In the course of the evening presenting ‘Fiery Worlds’, an orchestra miniature composed by the Toruń composer Magdalena Cynk and bearing a nice title of Dance of Fire will be performed for the first time ever. This piece of music is based on using drum sounds, which will have to present the sound of fire, the cracking of sparks and the shooting up of flams. They will be accompanied by the ambience of joyful, bright energy, but also by the moments full of terror. The objective of all of that is achieving a real ‘katharsis’ at the end of this piece of music.

Magic Fire Music is a piece of music of Richard Wagner as a part of a larger piece of music, i.e. the opera bearing the title of Valkyries. Albeit intended to be a part of a larger composition, it is also perfect to be performed separately. Here, varied emotions dominate; they are connected with the fortunes of the heroes. Simultaneously, however, they illustrate the world of fire, based on safety and a little nostalgy, with their notes. This beuatiful combination encourages to contemplate music, and matches the subject of the concert perfectly.

The climax of the evening full of various illustrations of fire will be the symphonic narrative poetry of Wojciech Kilar bearing the title of Krzesany (Struck). This is a particular presentation of fire, which accompanies the Podhale dance. Sparks are struck, dance is performed, and notes are heard (we refer this way to melodies played to a rapid dance), regardless of the fact what kind of striking we refer to, it always matters to ensure rapid speed and broken, uneven rhythm. These are the features of the poemat which taps into the culture of Podhale and leads the audience along the meanders of inspiration, making us think of exuberance and the power of fire.

Fire is conducive to creativity, inspires with its beauty, but also with a note of danger and risk. It evokes amazement, but also fills with terror. Each and every world which it creates is quite unlike any other. The world which will be presented on 19thOctober in the Concert Hall of Jordanki Culture and Congress Centre will be full of emotions, beautiful music and unique interpretations.